Their Star Wars Stories

What do those involved remember most fondly?

What was their proudest moment?

Star Wars, from their point of view…

Welcome to “Their Star Wars Stories”, a collection of interviews from those involved in the Films and TV shows part and present.

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The Latest Star Wars Stories…

Richard Cunningham – His Star Wars Story

Richard Cunningham (Rogue One’s General Ramda) is known for his appearances in the Golden Globe winning Dancing on the Edge as well as Stan Lee’s Lucky Man and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows among many other roles.

We are here to run through his career to date and his role as a General on the Scarif base where the Empire helpfully gave the Rebellion a fighting chance. We talk about Ben Mendelsohn’s shouting abilities, not being particularly comfortable around Darth Vader, making films during lockdown and Richard gives me challenging words to put into the writing…

Dee Tails – His Star Wars Story

Dee Tails was a huge hit with British R&B group MN8, most famous for their debut single “I’ve got a little something for you” but as we will learn he closed that chapter of his life and moved onto acting.

Roles in Batman Begins and Captain Phillips led to four Star Wars films which basically puts Dee in the veteran category! Roles include Cratinus in The Force Awakens, K-OHN in Rogue One, Slowen Lo in The Last Jedi and Quay Tolsite in Solo and a whole lot more. Read on for more!

Richard Stride- His Star Wars Story

Richard Stride appeared in blockbusters like Gladiator and First Knight before moving onto Star Wars, he worked on Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith putting his professionally trained sword skills to good use before successfully setting up his own theatre.

Read on for more!